Arkansas River - Pueblo Whitewater Park

The Gun Range - First drop

Rapid Details

Name The Gun Range - First drop
Class II- to IV

The first drop can be a powerful class 4 style wave that is a great surf at 300 cfs. and up. It cranks just about all of the river flow up till about 750 cfs. The eddy is long and powerful and the unskilled play boater can expect to swim on this eddy. Skilled play boaters can ofter have a 3 or 4 attempt roll due to the long powerful eddy line. After 750 the rest of the drop opens up and the drop is a bit easier to navigate and the eddy not as challenging. The hole remains fast but doesn't tend to increase in difficulty to much.


There are two upright rocks. Go dead center between the rock goal posts and all is well. Right or left is rocky and may lead to a broken paddle or worse.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 5700.0
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -