North Santiam River - Packsaddle County Park to Mill City

Spencer's Hole

Rapid Details

Name Spencer's Hole
Class III- to III+

A mile after the Gates bridge lies spencer's hole.  This Class III rapid is generally run down the right side with momentum to punch the (sometimes substantial) hole at the bottom.  Many "tubers" and micro-rafters flip here and some experienced boaters in small craft have cause to practice their roll and/or swim here.  The runout is a fast moving pool, that generally allows more than enough time to pick up swimmers and their yard sales.

At higher water (1500+) the rapid can be run on the left side, avoiding the hole.  This line is a bit more technical but easily managed in a kayak.  Rafts should stick to the right side.


Scouting is possible on river right just above the rapid - be careful not to get "past the point of no return".  Scouting is also possible on the shuttle as their exists a small dirt path from W Central St down to the river.  Google maps is your friend here.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 15000.0
Elevation 900.0 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 44.754048
Long - -122.430295

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