Aros/Yaqui - Lower Aros/Yaqui

Roca Roja

Rapid Details

Name Roca Roja
Class III to III+

This is one of the more difficult rapids on this stretch of the Rio Aros. Here, the right side of the river is blocked by a large reddish bedrock formation, forcing most of the current into a channel on the left. You may want to stay on the right side of this left channel and tuck in behind the bedrock to avoid a large hole that forms on RL at high water. The hole gets huge at really high water! You can scout this one by pulling in well above the rapid and scrambling down to the bottom of the first drop where the RL hole is. The rest of the rapid is generally Class II-III down to the sharp left bend.


Scout from large eddy on RL.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 29.37952222
Long - -109.03205278

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