Verde River - White Bridge to Beasley Flat


Maybe the most popular run on the Verde.  An easily accessible 9 mile run outside of Camp Verde, this section of the Verde is a step up in difficulty from the lower Salt and lower Verde, making it the first easy "whitewater" run for many Arizona paddlers.  The Verde River Run-Off is held each spring on this section of the river.  The only downside is that this section of the river doesn't flow high enough for floating very often.  The primary season is during spring runoff, with occasional pulses during summer monsoons.

The upper part of the run floats by some nice riverside houses.  Some wood dodging might be necessary on this stretch.  The river grows more remote a few miles in before passing the riffle at the confluence with West Clear Creek halfway through the run.  From this point, the river passes below some scenic cliffs where bald eagles and other bird life may be seen during the paddling season.  Small Class II- and II rapids may be found throughout the run, with the best rapids being found near the end as white cliffs rise on river left.  Some small play waves may be found in this section. 

Keep an eye out for Beasley Flat once the cliffs rise.  The takeout is on river right.

The Verde is designated as a water trail/paddle trail, and the Forest Service has published detailed paddle guides for the river.  The guide for 89A-Beasley covers the White Bridge-Beasley run, and can be viewed here:


Chris Ramias
Class II- to II
Current Flow 56.7 CFS
09-30-2023 19:00

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Recommended Flow Minimum: 150.0
Average: 500.0
Maximum: 1000.0
Typical Season Begins: February
Ends: April
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Rafting: No
Canoeing: Yes
Packrafting: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Length 9.0 Mile(s)
Gradient FPM